Wednesday, 16 January 2013

February 2nd

2nd February 2009
A proud and slightly nervous night as Bootleg Banquet threw open her doors for the first time to a few willing friends and friends of friends. 
Back then, I had no idea how much fun we would have and how the concept of great food, great music and great company would slowly evolve into what we have today.
Now approaching our 4th birthday, there's still exactly the same nervous expectation surrounding every dinner. We certainly do not take our success for granted. But with time, I think we've come to understand what makes a great party and the look, feel and sound of BB has grown into itself and taken on a magic all its own.

Its been a while since we've opened our doors for a public night, having concentrated for the last year on creating unforgettable private dining experiences, so why not join us on Saturday 2nd February for a dinner which includes some of the dishes you've kept asking us about.

Antipasti platters

Spiced vegetable dips, Fennel salami and Prosciutto San Daniele
With sea salt and oregano Foccacia
Char grilled Squid
Rocket and warm tomato, olive, basil and smoked chilli vinaigrette
Pork Belly
Slow cooked with bay leaves, sherry, sherry vinegar and sultanas
Parsnip puree
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream
Mint tea or coffee

£45 per person BYO

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