Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tarantino Tease

Uma orders the Durward Kirby burger and the $5 shake
at Jack Rabbit Slims, Pulp Fiction 2004
A themed supperclub night that hat-tips the film maker's depiction of food in his films. This will be our last public night before Christmas - a chance to get together and let your hair down before the Crazy Season really kicks off!
Imagine a playful, tongue-in-cheek menu of Diner-style food, but done with a Bootleg Banquet gourmet twist. We will bring Tarantino to the experience in the decor, soundtrack, and perhaps a Jackie Brown or Honey Bunny in character roles.
 The menu:

Stuntman Mike's Nachos
Tortilla bowls filled with black corn tortilla crisps,
Salsa, guacamole, cheese and crème fraiche
Fox Force Five Firecracker shrimp salad
Pan fried tiger prawns with lemon, oregano, feta,  peri peri
Served over cob salad and garlic croutons
Royale with Cheese
Venison and pancetta burger in  a  home made bun with Cashel blue, salad and pickle
 Fried chicken in a basket
Buttermilk-marinated thighs with 11 secret herbs and spices
Served with Dutch fries, Onion rings and baled hay in the alley
Amos & Andy with a side of Martin & Lewis
Dark chocolate and hazelnut brownie, dark chocolate sauce
Served with a Bourbon vanilla shake

Vegetarian options are available!

Tickets are £38 excluding the booking fee, and available through Edible Experiences

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